We do Residential and Commercial Properties
Maintenance and Repair of pumps

My Name is Drexyl Brewer. I have been working in the septic install and repair service for over 25 years. I started working at the age of 16 for one of our local companies while I was still attending High School. I am very proud of the quality of service to our customers, regardless if it is to refer them to a pump company or Install a complete System.

We strive to stay informed with all and the newest information in our field. We share our information with the community every chance we have. I love the outdoors and go to customers to talk about their systems free of charge because sometimes they just need information to keep their system healthy. Others need new or repaired systems and the visit allows us to totally understand their needs. I enjoy the personal contact with the customer.

I am a local resident of Hillsborough county and have raised 3 wonderful children in the area. My oldest has graduated College working in the medical field and my other two Children are attending college.


Types of Systems

Drain Fields
Bed System
Trench System
Multi pipe

Specialty System
Drip System
New GeoMat System: decreases the height of the mound by 11" and the footprint is smaller

Lift Stations & Pumps
Lift Station for elevated systems
Single and Multi-Pump Panels
Grinder Pumps
Alarm pumps